Immersive Soundscapes for your Podcasts:

Turn numbers and tables into dynamic soundscapes and make complex data sets more understandable: that's data sonification. No coding skills required, plus it's free!

An innovative listening experience for your audience

Sonification is the presentation of data as sound: tables and numbers become the music sheet for your informative sounds.

The melody of climate change

Temperature data as a dynamic sonification.

The rhythm of the pandemic

COVID cases as rhythmic sonification.

The sound of rising waves

Sea level rise as immersive sound.

The beat of the champions

Fußballdaten als rhythmische Sonifikation.

Graphics are visible 👀 Sonifications are audible 👂

More understandable complexities

Instead of reading out numbers, make them audible with DataSonifyer.

Information on another level

Melodies and sounds speak to the heart: sonifications make numbers and data emotionally tangible.

More accessible stories

Sonifications can complement visualisations to provide an new way of presenting data to people with less vision.

Everything you need for your sonifications: the DataSonifyer.


Choose from 19 different sounds to suit your story.


Make dynamics audible with 25 scales or pitch frequencies.


Create rhythmic sonifications and make the beat of your data audible.


Customise your sound with three different filters.


Control the amplitude of your sounds with data.


Control the duration of your sounds with your data.


Make your sonification even more exciting with effects.


Record your sonification and export it for your products.


Start with a preset and export your sonification.

Supported by the WPK Innovationsfonds.

The Innovation Fund  provides financial and advisory support for pioneers who want to break new ground in science and data journalism"

Your sonifcation in three steps

Load your data as CSV

You can easily export a CSV from Excel or a programme of your choice.

Experiment with sounds

Decide how you want to sonify your data: As melody, as rhythm or as effect? Define your custom sound or use a template.

Record your sonification

Hit "Recording", then "Play". Export your sonifications for your podcast or radio show.

Start the DataSonifyer now or learn more with Tutorials or examples.

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